Arriving in Alaska and Preparing for Denali

This morning sitting with my coffee at the table in the hostel I was looking at the social media posts from my team. They were all celebrating back home in Nepal with friends and family before coming to the United States for this expedition. For many of these guys this is a dream come true. To come and climb in the United States . Being able to put on an expedition where they can come here makes this so much more special to me then just climbing a mountain. I hope to represent the United States for these guys in a way that they will truly admire our country just like I admire theirs when I went to Nepal and they showed me the utmost hospitality.

It’s my 2nd day in Alaska and I am waiting for the team to arrive this evening. Yesterday I spent most of the day gathering group gear for the expedition. I had to walk to several stores because of shortages in

The equipment available such as shovels, fuel bottles, and cook pots. I also gathered Intel on the conditions of the Mountain and put together a projected itinerary.

The air taxi called and said we have to fly out right after our ranger meeting on 6/4 because they won’t fly after 11am because the snow on landing strip won’t be stable due to the hot weather lately. 

Thursday June 2, 2022

7-8PM: check in at hostel. (I have our rooms all set)

8-11PM food shopping and food prep (store is open till 11PM

Friday June 3, 2022

9-11am get any additional hiking climbing gear needed

11am check out of the hostel

11-1pm gear check at hostel

1-4PM taxi shuttle from anchorage to Talkeetna 

4pm check in and pay at Talkeetna air taxi and get gear weighed and ready to go

6-7pm check into air BnB 

7-8pm dinner!

Saturday June 4, 2022

7am wake-up and check out of air BnB

8am breakfast in town

9am ranger meeting

10-11 fly out to glacier.

I’ll check in soon to give you my next update.

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