About Mark Parella

I reside in Hermosa Beach, a beach city outside of Los Angeles. I am originally from Worcester MA which is apparent by my thick accent I have never lost. My love for the outdoors and the mountains came at an early age. As a young boy I joined the Cub Scouts which eventually lead to me becoming an Eagle Scout. In high school I would plan long multi day hikes with my friends in the White Mountains of NH. Many weekends we spent camping at a campsite we made two miles into the woods by my house. 

 I graduated with a bachelors degree from Westfield State College and went on to join the Navy. During my five years of service I was stationed in San Diego for three years and  Bahrain for two years. I continued my education and graduated with two masters degrees from National University and Henley Putnam University.

After the Navy I took a job and settled in Los Angeles. I love Southern California for the eclectic environments it has to offer from the beach, to the mountains, to the desert. With my new life in Los Angeles I began enjoying hikes in the Angeles National Forest. I found mountains there were bigger than anything I ever climbed on the east coast and it was a short drive from where I live. As my experience and curiosity for adventure grew I went onto hiking and climbing bigger mountains in the Sierra Nevadas and eventually all over the world. I found that all the worries and problems in my world would melt away when I would hit the trail on a weekend trip into the mountains. The is when I realized my passion for mountaineering and climbing. Combined with my core value to continue helping others I established Climb Against Cancer.