Climber Registration

I have applied for the climbing permit for Denali under the decided team name being “US-Nepal Friendship Team”. Climbing permits this year are $375 per person. Once all members of the team have applied and paid for their permits we will set up a orientation appointment with the rangers at the Talkeetna Ranger Station, which we will attend just prior to our flight from Talkeetna onto the glacier.

This week has been a lot of stair workouts. Some with a weighted pack, others with the altitude mask set at 18,000ft, and other workouts with both. Lately I’ve been using the stair well at a parking garage with 4 flights of stairs. Some workouts I’ll keep track of how many repetitions I do of the 4 flights, and other times I will use time and do one or two hours. For such a long boring workout a good playlist is mandatory. This week I have been listening to a lot of motivational speakers.

I start our each workout feeling weak and insignificant. As I finish each repetition I tell myself to just keep going. At about 30 minutes into my workout I am amazed how I don’t feel the exhaustion and pain any more and I can just keep going. I’ve found the hardest part is just getting started but once I do, and I finish I realize it was worth it. These training sessions are valuable with each day getting closer to our departure date.

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