Starting the Summit Push

Good Morning! After two rest days at camp, our plan is start the summit push. We’ll spend one night at Camp 1 and then 1/2 night at camp 2. Our start for camp 2 is at about 11:30PM. This should take a total of 3 days.

There are a lot of climbers going up right now. Ninsdal is suppose to paraglide off the summit today. He brought his chute up.

Later that day…

We made it to Camp 1 in less time than last time and feeling much better. Still breathing is like running a 400 meter sprint and then repeating it for 5.5hours straight! I also did something very silly. We were almost at Camp 1 and I stepped on a boulder the size of a large surfboard. This gave out from right under me and caused a huge rock slide. Thankfully there was no one below in the path.

Well turning in and getting ready for Camp 2.

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