I the midst of one of my rigorous training periods for an upcoming expedition a friend asked me, “What demons do you have within you?” He was referring to my crazy obsessive drive to train hard and push my limits. I was taken back by this question. It made me think. We all have our … More Demons

Mt Shasta 2020

It was over 5 years ago, in the early spring, when my friend Jonny and I made our first attempt to climb Mt. Shasta. We chose Avalanche Gultch route. A storm blew in while we were above the red bluffs that brought snow, and reduced our visibility to zero. At this point we aborted our … More Mt Shasta 2020

The 2020 Goal

In Lieu of the cancellation of our 2020 Denali Expedition due to COVID-19 I took the opportunity to complete some climbs that I have been wanting to do for a couple years. Thunderbolt – Sill traverse On July 16th I plan one climbing one of the Sierra Nevada’s most iconic Traverses called the Thunderbolt Sill … More The 2020 Goal

Climber Registration

I have applied for the climbing permit for Denali under the decided team name being “US-Nepal Friendship Team”. Climbing permits this year are $375 per person. Once all members of the team have applied and paid for their permits we will set up a orientation appointment with the rangers at the Talkeetna Ranger Station, which … More Climber Registration

Operation Get Visas

The hardest part of this expedition is at hand, which is trying to get Pasang Dava Sherpa and Jangbu Sherpa visas to travel to the United States and climb Denali with the team. Back in Nepal they have started their visa applications. on my end here in the states I have composed a visa invitation … More Operation Get Visas

February training

Training for Denali in 5 months has really kicked off in February with more cardio, more leg workouts, and mountain specific training. 3 mi tire drags in the deep sand in the beach, 40lb weighed pack stairs, stair master, 30% incline along with the altitude trainer mask have been some of the cardio sessions incorporated … More February training